Wallwarp - Wallpaper App Free AIA File For Kodular

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Welcome back to another post. So in this post I will be sharing with you Free Wallpaper App AIA File For Kodular and will also teach you to setup the AIA file.

What is AIA file?

AIA file is a type of file which can be shared among users of MIT Appinventor and its distributions as a transferrable project. Please note that the AIA file of a particular builder can be used in that respective builder only. If we try to import the AIA file of other builder to some other builder, it will cause error.

About Wallwarp AIA

Wallwarp App AIA file is a wallpaper app AIA file with :-

  • Splash Screen
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Minimalistic UI
  • Account Screen
  • Airtable Database
  • Preview Window
  • Apply Wallpaper Option
  • And Many More

This AIA file majorly uses Airtable database to show wallpaper online. This AIA file contains a set of features which will engage the user to this app.

Make sure you add your own Airtable API key, Base ID and table name by seeing your Airtable spreadsheet.

How to download AIA?

That was it with the features of this AIA file. Now the question arises, How to download this AIA file? So to download this AIA file you just need to click the below button which will take you to the downloads page from where you can easily download the AIA file.

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