4 Best Admob Alternatives With High ECPM

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Welcome back to another post. So in this post I will be sharing my personal 4 favourite preferences for Admob alternatives.

What is Admob?

If you have heard about mobile app advertising so I assume that you may know what admob basically is. In case you don’t know, I am here to explain you about Admob. So, Admob is a mobile app monetization provider network which is owned by google.

According to admob, over 1 Million+ apps uses admob as an ad-network in their apps.

Admob offers you the following advertisement types which you can use in your apps to earn:-

1: Banner ads

Banner ads are rectangular ad unit blocks. They generally occupy the top or bottom position of a typical app layout. The ad inside a banner ad keeps changing at regular intervals based on information relayed from Google AdMob.

Ever since online advertising has been around, banner ads have existed. Banner ads are the most popular type of ad primarily because they’re the easiest the implement.

Banner ads are also preferred because they immediately attract the attention of a visitor. On mobile layouts, banners occupy generally occupy the whole width of the mobile screen.

2: Interstitial ads

How often do you finish one part of a game, or finish reading an article, only to see another ad take up the whole screen?

These ads are known as interstitial ads and are a prime example of effective interruption marketing. They generally appear when a particular session in the app comes to an end.

You can choose to place these interstitial ads at a natural stage of completion within the app. This part is important to not compromise on the user experience of your app.

3: Rewarded ads

Rewarded ads are commonly found in gaming apps. Users are essentially awarded in-app currency for watching an ad. This ad format is popular partly because it gives users the ability to choose if they want to see an ad or not.

Furthermore, it helps app businesses to get more ad impressions. Since users can choose if they wish to see an ad for the reward, these ads are not disruptive to the app experience as interstitial ads.

4: Native ad

Native ads are popular amongst both publishers and advertisers for two main reasons.

First, they assimilate with the layout of the app. This makes the end-user experience less interruptive, thereby increasing the core KPIs of the app.

Secondly, advertisers get more clicks as their ad is seen as a native part of the app.

On Google AdMob, you can choose to show native ads in your app. You can manage their display by providing specific templates for the ad in your Google AdMob account. The ads are then displayed according to the template you provide.

5: App open Ads

App open ads are a special ad format intended for publishers wishing to monetize their app load screens. App open ads can be closed at any time, and are designed to be shown when your users bring your app to the foreground.

App open ads automatically show a small branding area so users know they’re in your app.

Best Alternatives Of Admob

When it comes about finding an alternative of admob, many people stuck a lot to find one. So I am here with 4 best alternatives of admob.

4: Vungle

Vungle can be considered one of the best admob alternatives and takes up 4th position in my list. Vungle is designed to help you monetize your users without compromising on experience.

3: Applovin

Applovin can be considered one of the best admob alternatives and takes up 3rd position in my list. AppLovin offers a far reaching stage where application engineers, everything being equal, can interface with their optimal shoppers and get found. Established in 2012, the organization is centered around assisting both independent and laid out designers with developing, with the skill and experiences they need to fund, market, and grow their organizations – across the board place.

2: IronSource

IronSource can be considered one of the best admob alternatives and takes up 2nd position in my list. IronSource is a leading business platform that enables mobile content creators to prosper within the app economy.

1: Facebook Audience Network

So here comes the best alternative of admob, Facebook. Facebook can no doubt be capable of battling admob in the name of best mobile ad networks and takes up 1st position in my list. Meta previously known as facebook allows you to monetize your Android apps with Facebook ads.


So I hereby conclude this post about 4 Best Admob Alternatives With High ECPM. I hope that you have completely understood about different alternatives of admob. I will see you next time 🙂

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