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Creating And Setting Up Admob Account

Hey Reader !

I hope you are doing well. So today in this new post i will teach you on how to Create and setup your Admob account and start earning from that.

So the steps are as follows:-

1. Visit

Our first step is to visit . After visiting on admob official website you will see something like this.

Click on the signup button on the top right corner if you don’t have any “existing” Admob account already. In case you have an admob account just click on Sign in button and you will be redirected to signin.

2. Setting up admob account

Once you have signed up for admob account . Now you will be required to add some details about you to continue to admob.

Now you have to answer the following details according to you

After that review and accept their terms and conditions and click on Create Admob Account button.

After that you will be redirected to a page like this where you have to chose where you want any email from Admob with any suggestions as I don’t want so I will choose no everywhere and after that click on Continue to Admob button

3. Adding our first app to Admob

After you finish setting up your admob account now you will have to add your first app to admob. So as to add your first app go to apps section and click on Add Your First App Button.

Now choose the platform of your app as well as if it has been listed on a supported app store and click on continue

Now give some more details about your app like app name, etc. And click add app

Hurray! Now you have successfully added an app .. I will soon upload a guide on how to show admob ads in your app

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