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Hello, I am Akshat. Today I am going to teach you that how u can make a login signup screen using airtable in kodular, thunkable, nitoron, and other drag and drop app builders..

What Is Airtable?

Airtable is a simple to-utilize online stage for making and sharing social data sets. The UI is basic, bright, agreeable, and permits anybody to turn up an information base in minutes. You can store, coordinate, and work together on data about anything—like representative registries, item inventories, and even condo chasing. You don’t need to realize a big motivator for SQL, not to mention any prearranging.

How to create Signup Screen Using Airtable?

1:- Creating Design

The first step is to create a design for your screen … In my case i am creating a simple design so that everyone reading this can understand. And import the airtable component to your design.

2. Setting Up Airtable

The second and the most important step is to set up airtable with kodular. In the below picture as you can see we need the following credentials to set up airtable.

Get them by seeing the video I mentioned at the end of this post.

3. Setting up signup process.

The final step is to setting up the signup process using blocks editor. So to setup the signup process the setps are as follows:-

  • Checking Empty Fields

Checking the empty fields prevent the user to enter to an application anonymously and without creating his/her account. If you do not do this setup the fields for the user signup will be empty and there would be not any meaning to set up signup screen. The blocks are as follows

  • Creating the fields

After you have done checking the empty fields the next process is to create a row in airtable with the following process:-

Hurray! Now you are all set , you have now created the signup screen successfully!

How to create login screen using airtable?

Once you have completed creating the signup screen the process to setup the login screen is very easy.

1:- Getting all the data from airtable

The first step of creating the login screen is to get the data from the airtable of the users. Remember that in my case i only need user to give the email id and password to login in you case it may vary so you need to call the data as much fields you want .Blocks are as follows:-

2:- Creating login event

The last step is to create a login event . In order to do this you need to make user click your login button and after that the process is as follows:-

Cheers! You have successfully created a login signup screen using airtable.

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